MediaLounge is on a mission to blow minds. We're sticking cutting edge artists, art works and advocates into the same space and shaking it up. We're going to put tools in the hands of the public by hosting workshops from the very people who are developing award winning software and hardware that make digital art possible. We're going to scream from the rooftops that new media art is fine art, damn fine art.

We’re ambitious. We want to bring you the best of the best. We want our artists to feel supported by more than just enthusiasm! We’ve got the space and a foundation of funds to put on a spectacular show. But we can’t do it alone.

It’s not easy to ship interactive artwork from Spain, or finance travel so all of you can meet the amazing creators of this work. As any organizer will tell you, events cost time and money. We’re throwing in the time, the space, the staff...we need your help with the money.

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Thank you to everyone who made the MediaLounge Kickstarter a wild success! Because of the support of our fabulous community we're able to present the best MediaLounge possible.

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    MediaLounge is a staff pick on it's first day!


MediaLounge is a staff pick on it's first day!