Interactive installation - volumetric display
January 2009 @ Grace Exhibition Space

Lumarca is a truly volumetric display which allows viewers to see three dimensional images and motion. The system requires only a computer, a projector, and common materials found at most hardware stores. This provides an affordable platform for artists to design compelling content that conveys information, narrative, and aesthetic information in a new way. Lumarca is a collaboration between Albert Hwang, Matt Parker, and Elliot Woods.

Lumarca was displayed at the first MediaLounge and utilized a power glove for interactive control by participants.

Dawn of Man

July, 2009 - MediaLab @ Grace Exhibtion Space

“DAWN OF MAN is the modern culmination
of eons and eons of natural selection and adaptation.”

 In July of 2009 Dawn of Man transformed MediaLounge into a projection wonderland. Installations included everything from a large, life-sized, brown and white Cow to a lonely fish swims around in a pool, projected on the ground.

Looking Glass

Participating Partners
November, 2015

Looking Glass brings living pieces of digital space into the real world. They will be slicing out a physical space in the upcoming MediaLounge. Stayed tune for more information on their kicks inventions.


Interactive installation — displaying suspicious artificial creature
June, 2009 @ Grace Exhibition Space

Axolotl was conceived and developed as an academic project at ITP program of NYU and shown at MediaLounge in June, 2009. The name ‘Axolotl’ was inspired by a short story by Julio Cortazar, about a man who develops a deep emotional obsession to passive creatures he observes in an aquarium. Axolotl is an interactive installation based on a life-like algorithmic animation of a creature, responding to the presence of observers. The project is an exploration of the possibilities to portray life, through motion and form, and is aiming at getting people to reflect on the way that we perceive life, and look at what kind of emotional response can be evoked to the perception of a life-form, knowing that it is artificial. The creature of Axolotl is projected on an aquarium, an object that is associated with looking at animals, be it fish or other animals and serves the purpose of the piece.


The Cube
Interactive Installation
January 2009 & 2010 @ Grace Exhibition Space and 3LD Art & Technology Center

The Cube (left) is an interactive installation that links tangible and digital reality, utilizing customized hardware and physical computing. 

A digital cube, which incorporates visual images of my artwork or other creations, is projected on the wall. A physical cube sits in front of the projected display. When patrons move the physical cube, the digital cube moves in sync. As patrons interact with the installation, they realize they have truly become part of its digital world when they spy a realtime image of themselves on one side of the digital cube.

The Cube was shown @ MediaLounge in January 2009 and again in an updated form in 2010