The Future History of Volumetric Display

It’s hard to imagine, but fifty years ago, most people in the world had never even heard of a volumetric display!  Sure, they had fanciful holograms in their movies and stories and other primitive forms of their antediluvian art, but nobody could imagine how volumetric display would fit into their lives.  This exhibit is about the efforts of six people wayyy back in the early 2010s, brought together by a thirst for invention and the shared delusion that volumetric display would one day be as commonplace in our world as primordial televisions had become in theirs.  Step inside, ladies and germs, and feast your eyes on a veritable cornucopia of invention and madness, a tour that will take you through six technologies and dozens of prototypes that lead us to the volumetric present.  By Reagan’s beard, you shall not leave here disappointed!


Looking Glass Factory brings living pieces of digital space into the real world. They are animators, inventor, ex-3Dprinting geeks, depth video pioneers...