"Exp.Inst.Rain" is an interactive installation and experimental instrument that incorporates projection and sound generated by a wireless box made of wood, Plexiglas, electronic components and custom touch sensors. By playing the instrument, participants create different sounds; these sounds then generate changes in the projection.  

It is an analysis of the social and cultural adoption of tangible user interface. Globally, touch devices are increasingly common; people understand how to use them. “Exp.inst.Rain” analyses this new technology and makes use of this new common understanding to fuse sound and visuals into realtime interactivity.


An award winning, internationally acclaimed new media artist, Balam Soto has exhibited in fine art venues worldwide. Venues include the World Maker Faire at the New York Hall of Science Museum in Queens, NY; El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan, NY; Gallery of Oi Futuro in Brazil; Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY; Queens Museum of Art in Queens, NY; Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in Scranton, PA; the Centre Cultural in Brussels, Belgium; the National Library of Cameroon in West Africa; the Art and Technology Corridor at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA and Museum Miraflores in Guatemala City, Guatemala among numerous others. Balam has received three “Editor’s Choice” awards from the World Maker Faire held at the New York Hall of Science Museum in 2010 and 2012.  In November 2009, he was awarded the “Latino de Oro [Golden Latino] Award for Arts & Culture” in Connecticut; he has also received “Official Citations” from the Mayor of the City of Hartford, CT and the Governors of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  In April 2008, Balam was honored with a Diploma of Recognition as a “Maestro,” a Master of Visual Arts, by the National Congress of Guatemala for “being a valuable and outstanding artist with international success.” 

Balam is the owner of Balam Soto Studio and co-owner of Open Wire Lab, both located in Hartford, Connecticut.