1 Pixel Star Wars

The 1977 film Star Wars displayed on a single RGB LED. For each frame of the movie, all pixels have been averaged and the image is represented by a single RGB value, which is in turn viewed on the LED. The  entire  film  and  its  audio  are  stored  on a small memory card. The  viewer wears headphones  as  they  watch  the  LED.  An  encoder  knob  allows  the viewer  to adjust volume, pause, and move forward and back through the film.

Further, the project is also presented in poster form – providing a satisfying visualization of the progression of color palette throughout the film. Those familiar with Star Wars will immediately recognize the light sandy tones of the desert planet Tatooine, the dinge and grime of Mos Eisley, and the sterile chill of the Death Star – and of outer space itself.



Edward  Richardson  works  in  film  production  in  the  camera  department,  specializing  in high  speed  cinematography  with  the  Phantom  camera.  On  projects  where  existing technologies are inadequate, he designs and builds a range of hardware, software, and workflow solutions.